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            Employees Credit Union History

Our Credit Union began as the General Shoe Corporation Credit Union on March 11, 1935. The credit union name was later changed to the Genesco Employees Credit Union, Employees' Credit Association Credit Union and then to Employees Credit Union. Today Employees Credit Union serves a number of Selected Employee Groups (see list below) with members all over the United States.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be the Primary Financial Institution of our members by providing Quality Services while maintaining Economic Soundness.

Credit Union Mission
The mission of a credit union is to provide and promote the use of a variety of financial services which feature particular benefits and advantages over those generally available from other banking sources, with specific intent of helping members gain some particular measure of personal financial success.

Check our Employer Groups--listed below-- to see if you qualify for membership.
To join ECU you must open a Share Account, with an initial deposit of $5 and fill out our
Membership Application. Enjoy the benefits of being a Credit Union member.  Join now!

How to Become A Member?
The Credit Union is made up of members who share a common bond of employment, through association or community, joining together as owners of their not-for-profit financial institution. Over 30 Employer Groups share that common bond of employment, through association, and make up Employees Credit Unionís field of membership. If you are employed by one of these Groups, you are eligible to join ECU and begin taking advantage of the benefits of a Credit Union. Your immediate family members are also eligible for membership in ECU. Immediate family members include mothers, fathers, children, stepchildren, adopted children, sisters, brothers, and grandparents. Once you are a member of ECU, you are always a member, no matter what your employment status is.

If your place of employment is not on our Employer Group list, you may be eligible for membership in a Credit Union. Ask your Human Resource department if you have a Credit Union and if not, have them contact Employees Credit Union today

Employee Groups We Serve
You may join the credit union if you work for one of the following companies:

Automotive, Inc.
Advanced Data Marketing, Inc.
Alternative Service Concepts, L. L. C.
American Eagle Inc.
American Protective Services, Inc.
American Retirement Corp.
BPO Solutions Mideast LLC/PriceWaterhouse Corp.
Business Risk International
Canac Cabinets of Nashville
Communication Test Design, Inc. (CTDI)
DMIS, Inc.
Direct Mail Solutions, LLC
Dozier Equipment Company
Farber/Valmore Leather
Financial Group
Fluor Daniel
Genesco Inc.
Horace Small Apparel Company
Ingram Companies (includes-Barge, Industries, Book, Entertainment & Micro)
Manheim's Nashville Auto Auction
Metro Information Services
Metro Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.
Nortel Networks
Ozburn Hessey Company
Permanent General Insurance
Prudential Relocation Services
PMT Services )
R & R Uniforms, Inc.
Ryder Logistics
Statement Rendering Solutions, LLC
Peregrine Systems (Telco Research)
Thomas & Betts Corporation
Tractor Supply Co.
Travel Time Inc.
Union Underwear
US Telecom, Inc.
Wilson Sporting Goods Company
Whitfield Construction, Inc.
If Your Company is Not Listed
Check with your Human Resources Department to see if you have a credit union. If your company does not have a credit Union, contact Employees Credit Union to join the credit union family. It is FREE, SIMPLE and EASY to provide credit union benefits to employees. Call our Marketing Department at 615-367-7283 or 1-800-298-8260. You may email us at
mail@empcu.org or fax us at 615-367-7866. Start enjoying the benefits of a credit union today.

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